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PALHBOOKS.COM has several rare books about the Philippine American War, the American Occupation of the Philippines at the turn of the century, and continued American imperialism until WWII, and more:

Brown, Arthur. THE NEW ERA IN THE PHILIPPINES. Fleming Revell, 1903, hardcover, very good condition, 316 pp. 
An often quoted source, the book gives a comprehensive look at the Philippines at the turn of the century. Chapters include: Magellan and the Philippine Archipelago; How the United States Took the Philippines; The Peoples of the Philippines; The Chinese in the Philippines; The American Population; The Roman Catholic Church in the Philippines, etc. 

Everett, Marshall. COMPLETE LIFE OF WILLIAM MCKINLEY AND STORY OF HIS ASSASSINATION. Marshall Everett, 1901, hardcover, with mylar protective cover, good+, 444 pp.
Biography of McKinley who greatly influenced the relationship of America and the Philippines. The book mentions the Spanish-American (Philippine American) war. It has numerous black and white period pictures.

Hahn, Emily. THE ISLANDS. Coward, McCann & Geoghegan, 1981, hardcover, fine, fine dj, 257 pp.,
An account of America's "imperial adventures in the Philippines."

Halstead, Murat. ILLUSTRIOUS LIFE OF WILLIAM MCKINLEY, 1901, hardcover, good+, 472 pp.
To understand American involvement in the Philippines, one needs to know about President William McKinley. This biography is a comprehensive one and has numerous references to American policies in the Philippines at the turn of the century. The book includes numerous black and white period pictures.

Hancock, H. Irving. UNCLE SAM'S BOYS IN THE PHILIPPINES: OR FOLLOWING THE FLAG AGAINST THE MOROS. Henry Altemus Company, 1912, hardcover, very good, front part of dj encased in mylar protective cover, 256 pp. 
A young adult novel, part of the Boys of the Army Series, this one is set in the Philippines.

Mac Clintock, Samuel, Ph.B. THE PHILIPPINES A GEOGRAPHICAL READERS. American Book Company 1905, hardbound, good, 120 pp. 
An American published textbook used in the Philippines when the Philippines was a U.S. colony, this small book maps, black and white photos, and articles about the different regions of the Philippines. Chapters include: Up the Pasig; Laguna de Bay; Along the Railroad to Dagupan; The Negritos or Aetas; The Cultivation of Rice; Among the Visayans, etc. 

March, Alden. THE HISTORY AND CONQUEST OF THE PHILIPPINES AND OUR OTHER ISLAND POSSESSIONS. Standard Publishing Co., 1899, hardcover, very good, 500 pp. 
A highly collectible book, this is an early American documentation of the Philippine American War. The book has numerous rare, period B&W photos and illustrations, and there is a colored map in the frontispiece.

Mayo, Katherine. THE ISLES OF FEAR. Harcourt Brace & Co., 1927, hardcover, very good, navy cover with gilt, 372 pp.,
A book about the Philippines, from an American point of view, with map and B&W photos.

Millet, Frank D. THE EXPEDITION TO THE PHILIPPINES. Harper & Brothers Publishers, 1899, hardcover, very good, 276 pp.
A rare book, this is an often-quoted source in Philippine studies. The author, a special correspondent of Harper's Weekly and of the London Times, records his journey, reflections, and analyses of the Philippines, during the Philippine American war. It is a fascinating read by an astute writer. The book includes numerous rare black and white period photos. Chapters include: Departure of General Merritt on the Newport; Landing of General Merritt; Settled in Camp Dewey; The Quartermaster's Department; The Insurgents juggled out of their positions; Manila on the morning after the surrender, etc. 

Neely, F. Tennyson. FIGHTING IN THE PHILIPPINES. F. Tennyson Neely, 1899, First Edition, hardcover, very good, 150 pp. 
Approximately 150 B&W historic period photos taking in the Philippines by noted photojournalist Neely during the Philippine American War. A rare book.

Nichols, James T. BIRDSEYE VIEWS OF FAR LANDS. James T. Nichols, 1922, hardcover, very good+, 202 pp.
Described as a "human interest" book, this book gives information on China, the Philippines, Korea, Manchuria, Siberia, Russia, Holland, Belfium, France, Servia, Palestine, Jerusalem, Jordan, Egypt, Venezeula, Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Panama Canal, and the Seven Wonders of the World.

Ralphson, G. Harvey. BOY SCOUTS IN THE PHILIPPINES: OR THE KEY TO THE TREATY BOX. Donohue & Co., 1911, hardcover, very good, very good dj, 256 pp. 
One of the Boy Scout Series, this book centers on the boy scouts in the Philippines. This is young adult novel written back in 1911. 

Randall, James. GUIDEBOOK TO THE PORTS OF ASIA WITH NOTES ON SHIPPING. Philippine Education Co., Inc., 1926, wraps, very good, 225 pp.,
Small-sized guidebook by a Commander of the Medical Corps, United States Navy, with interesting accounts of Baguio, Cebu, Iloilo, Manila, and Zamboanga; with B&W photos.

Roddy, H. Justin; & Gibbs, David. PHILIPPINE SCHOOL GEOGRAPHY. American Book Company, 1904, hardcover, very good, 136 pp. 
This is a rare 1904 Geography book used in the Philippines during the American Occupation. It has numerous black and white, and colored maps, pictures and illustrations. The book gives a fascinating look at the Philippines of the time, as well as the American-way of thinking of the era. The Americans occupied the Philippines following the Spanish American War, and educational books such as this one were published in America for use in America's new possession. The hardcover has some age-marks. 

Roosevelt, Nicholas. THE PHILIPPINES: A TREASURE AND A PROBLEM. J. J. Sears & Co., First Edition, 1926, hardcover, very good, former owner's name inscribed inside, 315 pp.,
The author, a trained newspaper observer, sees the human aspect as well as the political issues of the Philippines during the time of Major General Leonard Wood. This is an excellent early analysis of the Philippines as a U.S. possession.

Smith, Robert Aura. OUR FUTURE IN ASIA. The Viking Press, 1940, hardcover, very good dj & book. 306 pp.
The author, an active and influential newspaperman, writes an excellent analyses of Asia and America's relationship to the various Asian countries, including Japan, China, the Philippines, Indo-China, etc. It's a fascinating book written before World War II broke out.

Stevens, Joseph Earle. YESTERDAYS IN THE PHILIPPINES. Charles Scribner's Sons, 1898, hardcover, very good, 232 pp.
This rare book is an early account by Stevens about America's new possession, the Philippines. An often-quted source, this is must-have for serious Filipiniana collectors.

Stewart, Kilton. PYGMIES AND DREAM GIANTS. W. W. Norton, 1954, First Edition, hardcover, very good, good dj, 295 pp.,
Dr. Stewart's fascinating account of his life among the Negritos of Zambales.

Stickney, Joseph L. ADMIRAL DEWEY AT MANILA: AND THE COMPLETE STORY OF THE PHILIPPINES. Elliott Publishing Co., 1899, Edition sold only to subscribers, good-very good, 450 pp. 
This is Stickney's version of the Philippine American War. This highly collectible book includes numerous B&W photos and illustrations. 

Telfer, Lt. George F. MANILA ENVELOPES. Oregon Historical Society Press, 1987, softcover, as new, 186 pp.,
For the Filipiniana collector, this is a collection of Telfer's letters during the Philippine American War at the turn of the century. The book includes valuable B&W photos of the Philippines and the war.

Thomes, W. H. LIFE IN THE EAST INDIES. Lee and Shephard, 1873, hardcover, very good, green with gold gilt, 354 pp.,
This work of fiction includes an accurate description of Manila and its people in the 1870s. This rare book is filled with detailed descriptions of the places, the peoples and the customs. A valuable addition to Filipiniana collections, as noted in Cordero's "Household Antiques and Heirlooms."

White, Trumbull. OUR NEW POSSESSIONS: FOUR BOOKS IN ONE VOLUME. International Publishing Co., 1898, First Edition, hardcover, very good but there are small worm holes on spine, 676 pp. $75
This is the highly collectible book by White that is an often quoted source in Philippine studies. The first 270 pages are devoted to the Philippines; the other parts deal with America's other colonies at the turn of the century. The book has wonderful period photos. 

Wolpert, Ira. AMERICAN GUERRILLA IN THE PHILIPPINES. Simon & Shuster, 1945, hardcover, good, green hardcover, 304 pp.,
An account about David Richardson's guerrilla activities in Leyte and Southern Philippines.

Worcester, Dean C. THE PHILIPPINE ISLANDS AND THEIR PEOPLE. The MacMillan Co., 1898, hardcover, very good, 529 pp.,
The history of the Philippines according to renowned Worcester; with B&W photos.

Y'Blood, William T. RED SUN SETTING: THE BATTLE OF THE PHILIPPINE SEA. Naval Institute Press, 1981, hardcover, very good/very good, 272 pp. 
The author has written a definitive account of what many regard as the most controversial conflict of the war in the Pacific, the Battle of the Philippine Sea.

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