Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Rizal, Jose. CARTAS ENTRE RIZAL Y LOS MIEMBROS DE LA FAMILIA: 1887-1896. Comision Nacional de Centenario de Jose Rizal, 1961, hardcover, very good, 265 pp.
This book is the second volume of Philippine National Hero Jose Rizal's letters in the original Spanish language to members of his family from 1887-1896.

Rizal, Jose. (Translated by Leon Ma. Guerrero) NOLI ME TANGERE. Longman, 1978, Second printing, softcover, very good, 407,
This first novel by Philippine National Hero Jose Rizal fueled Philippine Revolution against Spain. 

Rizal, Jose. NOLI ME TANGERE; and EL FILIBUSTERISMO. A two-volume set, published by the National Historical Institute, 1991, Fourth Printing, hardcover, as new, the set for
This two-volume set is a facsimile of the original hand-written novels by Philippine National Hero Jose Rizal. The books are large and measure approximately 15 1/2 X 9 1/2 inches. Noli Me Tangere was first published in 1886; El Filibusterismo was published in 1891.

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