Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Newly released books by E. San Juan, Jr:

Racism and Cultural Studies, by E. San Juan Jr., Duke University Press, paperback, 440 pages, ISBN 0-8223-2866-6 - "In Racism and Cultural Studies" E. San Juan Jr. offers a historical-materialist critique of practices in multiculturalism and cultural studies. Rejecting contemporary theories of inclusion as affirmations of the capitalist status quo, San Juan envisions a future of politically equal and economically empowered citizens through the democratization of power and the socialization of property. Calling U.S. nationalism the new 'opium of the masses,' he argues that U.S. nationalism is where racist ideas and practices are formed, refined, and reproduced as common sense and consensus."

Balikbayang Mahal: Passages from Exile, by E. San Juan Jr., Lulu.com, Morrisville, N.C. 2007 - A book of translations, Balikbayang Mahal or Beloved Returnee is about making history in unexpected places.

For more information, contact E. San Juan, Jr. directly at philcsc@sbcglobal.com or philcsc@gmail.com

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