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Remembering Mariano F. Manguerra

Today is the death anniversary of my father. I'm the one standing up.

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These books are on sale at Philippine American Literary House (, go to page 3). US shipping is $4.95, via USPS priority; will combine shipping. Books are marked down to $4.99 or $3.99 - one-of-a kind so order right away. Some books are signed and rare. Email

Adamson, Sofia. GODS, ANGELS, PEARLS, & ROSES. American International Publishing Co., 1985, Second Edition, wraps, very good, 248 pp. $4.99; Inscribed and signed by the author. The autobiography of Sofia Adamson takes the reader to Greece, America, and the Philippines during World War II. The Adamson family founded the well-known Adamson University of Manila.

Aguilar, Mila. JOURNEY: AN AUTOBIOGRAPHY IN VERSE. University of the Philippines Press, 1996, First Edition, softcover, 220 pp., $4.99; Recipient of the prestigious Freedom to Write Award, the poet Mila Aguilar, was an activist who lived underground during the Marcos years. Arrested and imprisoned in 1984, she was released in the midst of the February 1986 EDSA Revolution. The book is not only her autobiography, it is also the history of a society in radical transition. It chronicles the most significant turn of events in Philippine society in the last half of the 20th century.

Alburo, Linda; Almerino, Cora; & Tapia, Ester. SINUG-ANG: A CEBUANA TRIO. Women in Literary Arts-Cebu, Inc., 1999, First Edition, softcover, 166 pp. $4.99; Signed Copies. The poetry of three talented Cebuana poets are in this book - Linda Alburo, Cora Almerino, and Ester Tapia. These exceptional poems are bilingual, that is in Cebuano with side-by-side English text. These poems reveal much of the culture of Cebu, which is in Southern Philippines.

Alumit, Noel. TALKING TO THE MOON. Carroll & Graf, 2007, softcover, first edition, softcover, 340 pp. $4.99; Gay-themed novel involving crime fiction and mystical realism by Filipino American author.

Angeles, Carlos. A BRUISE OF ASHES: COLLECTED POEMS 1940-1992. Ateneo de Manila University Press, 1993, First Edition, softcover, 88 pp., $4.99; Carlos Angeles is one of the most respected Filipino poets. The collection includes all the poems this award-winning writer has written.Bonner, Raymond. WALTZING WITH A DICTATOR: THE MARCOSES AND THE MAKING OF AMERICAN POLICY. Times Book, 1987, First Edition, 546, as-new, $4.99This book is a startling report on America's tweny year alliance with the "Conjugal Dictatorship" of the Marcoses. Bonner creates a riveting narrative featuring the men and women who set the course of American policy in the Philippines.

Brainard, Cecilia Manguerra. GROWING UP FILIPINO: STORIES FOR YOUNG ADULTS. PALH, 2003, First Edition, softcover, irregular, has minor markings on cover, everything else fine; 298 p. $4.99; "Emerging and established award-winning writers are the authors of this fine collection of 29 stories about what it means to be young and Filipino in the Philippines and in the United States. This impressive array captures the complexities of both the Filipino culture and history and the realities of the lives of young adults no matter what their ethnic affiliations. Each story is assigned to one of five universal themes: family, angst, friendship, love, and home." - by Glenna Sloan, Bookbird Journal Internationl, Children's Literature, IBBY.

Brainard, Cecilia Manguerra. SONG OF YVONNE. 1991, First Edition, softcover, 186 pp., $4.99; Signed Copies. This novel is the Philippine edition of When the Rainbow Goddess Wept, a story about Filipino survival during World War II.

Chai, Arlene J. EATING FIRE AND DRINKING WATER. Fawcett Columbine, 1996, softcover, newsprint, very good, 350 pp. $4.99; Novel filled with family secrets and the intersection of personal and world histories; a portrait of a family in the Philippines.

Cordero-Fernando, Gilda and Francisco, Mariel. LADIES' LUNCH & OTHER WAYS TO WHOLENESS. GCF Books, 1994, softcover, 227 pp., $4.99; In this collection of personal essays, hatched over many leisurely lunches, the authors look with humor and reflection at the diverse strands of their sweet and rocky lives.

Cuizon, Erma. TIME OF YEAR: COLLECTED ESSAYS. Giraffe, 1999, First Edition, softcover, 148 pp. $4.99; The author is the editor of Sun Star Weekend Magazine, and these essays have been selected from her weekly column in that magazine. Cuizon is a noted writer from Cebu, Southern Philippines. She writes about events that have touched the heart of this gentle writer.

Enriquez, Antonio. THE LIVING AND THE DEAD. Giraffe, 1994, First Edition, softcover, 183 pp., $4.99; Written by Palanca Award winner Antonio Enriquez, this is a well-written novel, rich with details and local color.

Evangelista, Susan. GROWING INTO ASIA AND OTHER ESSAYS. UP Press, First Edition, softcover, 102 pp. $4.99; This is a collection of charming and insightful essays by Susan Evangelista who straddles many worlds. She hails from Michigan but is married to a Filipino. She has traveled to Japan, China, Thailand, Cambodia, and many other places. In this collection, she explores her life as an American in the Philippines, and reflects on the many other facets of her fascinating life. Evangelista taught writing and literature at the Ateneo de Manila.

Gonzalez, Mary Alice P. FILIPINO MIGRANT WOMEN IN NETHERLANDS. Giraffe, 1998, softcover, 136 pp, $4.99; Written by a member of the faculty of the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines, this book includes a background on Filipina migrant workers in general, and then focuses on the lives of some Filipinas in Netherlands.

Hargrove, Thomas R. THE MYSTERIES OF TAAL: A PHILIPPINE VOLCANO AND LAKE, HER SEA LIFE AND LOST TOWNS. Bookmark, 1991, softcover, very good-fine, 204 p. $4.99; The author of this fascinating book, has worked with the International Rice Research Institute, Los Banos, Laguna. As a scientist, he tells the lore and legens as well as scientific information about Taal.

Hernandez, Ethelrida M. SEARCH THE AUGUSTINIAN JOURNAL OF CULTURAL EXCELLENCE. Colegio San Agustin Publications Office, Dec. 2006, 152 ppg. $4.99; This journal collects 4 articles: Description of Ilocos Norte An Unpublished Manuscript of Fr. Jose Nieto, OSA; St. Augustine's Teaching on the Blessed Virgin Mary; Insights from the Development of the New Rite of Penance; Ecclesiastes (Thoughts about Life and its Meaning). To history buffs, the first article will be a great find.

Kalaw-Tirol, Lorna. COMING TO TERMS. Anvil, 1994, softcover, 206 pp. $4.99; A collection of essays by men about mid-life. The book is inscribed in the front page. The book includes writings by: Gemma Cruz, Imelda Nicolas, Chic Fortich, and others.

Kalaw-Tirol, Lorna. PRIMED FOR LIFE. Anvil, 1997, softcover 201 pp., $4.99; A collection of essays by men about mid-life. The book includes works by Jose Lacaba, Ricardo Malay, Alfred Yuson, and others.

Lee & Henschel. DOUGLAS MacARTHUR. Henry Holt, 1952, hardover, no dj, good condition, 370 pp. $4.99; Biography of the famous general, including black and white pictures.

MacArthur, Douglas. REMINISCENCES. Time, 1964, Hardcover no dj, good, 438 pp. $4.99; Biography by the famous American General Douglas McArthur about his beginnings as a soldier, World War I, World War II, Korean War. (see also Lee & Henshcel's Douglas MacArthur)

PAWWA. DIRECTORY OF PHILIPPINE AMERICAN WOMEN WRITERS AND ARTISTS 1994. PAWWA, 1994, softcover, out-of-print, 28 pp. $3.99; Published in 1994, this directory lists Philippine American women and writers, and the booklet also includes pictures of these women. This is great information for researchers and libraries.

San Juan, E. Jr. SMILE OF THE MEDUSA: SELECTED FICTIONS, Anvil, 1994, First Edition, softcover, 140 pp., $4.99; A collection of 11 stories by this noted Filipino writer. The works gathered here are generally his early writings from the 1950s and 60s.

San Juan, E., Jr. SUBVERSIONS OF DESIRE: PROLEGOMENA TO NICK JOAQUIN. Ateneo de Manila University Press, 1988, softcover, 222 pp., $4.99; Signed Copies. The first book-length study to situate noted Filipino author Nick Joaquin's poetics of literary production in its specific historical context. San Juan, the author of many academic as well as literary books, is a professor at the Washington State University.

Santos, Bienvenido. DISTANCES IN TIME. Ateneo de Manila University Press, 1990, First Edition, softcover, 67 pp., $4.99; A collection of poems by noted writer, Bienvenido Santos, with a fine introduction by Leonard Casper.

Stapleton, Lara. THE LOWEST BLUE FLAME BEFORE NOTHING. Aunt Lute Books, 1998 First Edition, softcover, 197 pp., $4.99; Signed Copies. Lara Stapleton's twelve short stories unerringly map that place in the human heart where exaltation and humiliation, hope and fear, merge. This collection is the first by this talented Filipina American writer.

Ty-Casper, Linda. KULASYON. Giraffe, 1995, softcover, 153 pp., $4.99; Linda Ty-Casper writes novels set in periods critical to Kulasyon is a collection of the first chapters of her novels: The Peninsulares, The Three-Cornered Sun, The Stranded Whale, Ten Thousand Seeds, Fortress in the Plaza, Hazards of Distance, Dread Empire, Awaiting Trespass, Wings of Stone, A Small Party in a Garden, and Dream Eden. This book has an excellent introduction by noted literary critic, Leonard Casper.

University of California, Berkeley, CRITICAL MASS: A JOURNAL OF ASIAN AMERICAN CULTURAL CRITICISM, Vol. 2, No. 2, Spring 1995, softcover, very good, 210 pages. $4.99; This is a special issu on U.S. Filipino Literature and Culture, with articles by Kenneth Mostern, Nerissa Balce-Cortes, Theo Gonzalves, Oscar V. Campomanes, etc.

Velarde, Emmie G. APARADOR NI LOLA: PAST LIVES, PRECIOUS OBJECTS. Anvil, 2003, softcover, 132 pages. $4.99; Collection of nostalgic essays of heirloom treasures that belonged to ancestors.

Wolpert, Ira. AMERICAN GUERRILLA IN THE PHILIPPINES. Simon & Shuster, 1945, hardcover, good, green hardcover, 304 pp., $4.99; An account about David Richardson's guerrilla activities in Leyte and Southern Philippines.

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LISTED IN AMAZON.COM GROWING UP FILIPINO II: More Stories for Young Adults is now listing the hardcover edition of GROWING UP FILIPINO II: MORE STORIES FOR YOUNG ADULTS. Click on the link below.

DISTRIBUTED BY: Ingram, Baker & Taylor,, Barnes and Noble, among others
P. O. Box 5099
S.M., CA 90409
Tel/fax: 310-452-1195;;;

BOOK DESCRIPTION: Growing Up Filipino II: More Stories for Young Adults is the second volume of the Growing Up Filipino series by PALH. In this collection of 27 short stories, Filipino and Filipino American writers explore the universal challenges and experiences of Filipino teens after the historic events of 9/11. The modern demands do not hinder Filipino youth from dealing with the universal concerns of growing up: family, friends, love, home, budding sexuality, leaving home. The delightful stories are written by well known as well as emerging writers. While the target audience of this fine anthology is young adults, the stories can be enjoyed by adult readers as well. There is a scarcity of Filipino American literature and this book is a welcome addition.
CONTRIBUTORS: Dean Francis Alfar, Katrina Ramos Atienza, Maria Victoria Beltran, M.G. Bertulfo, Cecilia Manguerra Brainard, Amalia B. Bueno, Max Gutierrez, Leslieann Hobayan, Jaime An Lim, Paulino Lim Jr., Rebecca Mabanglo-Mayor, Dolores de Manuel, Rashaan Alexis Meneses, Veronica Montes, Charlson Ong, Marily Ysip Orosa, Kannika Claudine D. Peña, Oscar Peñaranda, Edgar Poma, Tony Robles, Brian Ascalon Roley, Jonathan Jimena Siason, Aileen Suzara, Geronimo G. Tagatac, Marianne Villanueva

BIO OF EDITOR: Cecilia Manguerra Brainard is the award-winning author and editor of over a dozen books, including the internationally-acclaimed novel, When the Rainbow Goddess Wept, Magdalena and Acapulco at Sunset and Other Stories. She edited Growing Up Filipino: Stories for Young Adults, Fiction by Filipinos in America, and Contemporary Fiction by Filipinos in America, and co-edited four other books. Cecilia also wrote Fundamentals of Creative Writing (2009) for classroom use. She teaches at UCLA-Extension’s Writers Program.

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Gironier, Paul de la. TWENTY YEARS IN THE PHILIPPINES. Harper & Brothers, Publishers, unmarked but around 1854, hardcover, very good, 380 pages,
This rare book is the original English edition. This is the narrative of a French medic-al surgeon, Paul de la Gironier's wonderful account about his estate Jala-Jala, his travels and impressions of the Philippines during the 1850s. This is an English translation of the original French. This rare book is an often quoted source because of Gironier's exceptionally well-done descriptions of Philippine life in the 1850s, beauty of the women and their fascinating costume, his marriage to a young Filipina.. The book has a wonderful full color period piece of a Filipina by Damian Domingo plus many other rare black and white period illustrations/pictures inside the book. (Special Collection)

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Commentary on Finding God: True Stories of Spiritual Encounters, by Reme A. Grefalda

Anvil Anthology Highlights Spiritual Narratives

Publisher Anvil Philippines recently released Finding God, an anthology of spiritual encounters by Filipino writers compiled and edited by Cecilia Brainard (When the Rain Goddess Wept) and Marily Y. Orosa (Studio 5 Designs). The 18 selected essays have a common religious base rooted in the Christian faith from authors with diverse backgrounds, among them a former high ranking leader in the Philippine communist party, noted journalists and editors of magazines, recipients of literary awards, college professors, teachers, a research scientist, a biologist and one who describes herself as a "runaway bride." Seven are based in the Philippines; the rest, including Brainard, reside in the U.S.

In their preface to this book project (their third collaboration), the editors praise the courage of contributors in discussing their personal trajectories and private pain which led them to their awareness of God. Novelist, M. Evelina Galang (One Tribe) in faraway Iowa recounts the horror of watching the televised events in New York City on September 11. Susan Evangelista (Carlos Bulosan biographer) experienced an intense oneness with the world during a session in Zen meditation. Children’s literature writer, Tony Robles describes in Agapé, his early years in a Christian School where he was the lone Filipino. In City of Courtesy, Brian Ascalon Roley (American Son, A Novel) recalls in his letter to his son that “the center of [his] childhood religious life” was his lola. His return to his faith, his daily masses and prayers now reflect his grandmother’s rote piety, one which he arrogantly dismissed during his teenage years. But tantamount to his experience is Roley’s appreciation of his Mid-western church community in Cincinnati, so totally different from his Southern California roots.
Other contributors include Mila D. Aguilar, Evelyn Regner Seno, M. G. Bertulfo, Edgar Poma, Aileen Ibardaloza, Paulino Lim Jr., Raquel Villavicencio Balagtas, Marlinda Angbetic Tan, Liza B. Martinez, Felice Prudente Sta. Maria, C. Sophia Ibardaloza, Susan Evangelista, and Remé Grefalda.
Cancer, the all-pervading strike-down of the 21st century, brought lives of authors into focus much more than any one issue. Personal loss of loved ones, confrontation with crossroads and powerful conversion narratives lift this anthology from the level of “religious” reading to the seldom-found affirmation, the necessary community-on-the-page for those who experience periods of isolation with their peers as they follow through with their spiritual awakening. Always, questions percolate in the mind: Was it real? Delusion, maybe? Self induced?
Finding God: True Stories of Spiritual Encounters brings to the forefront the hidden issue shied away from by most Filipino writers. The publication addresses the need for affirmation by readers with similar encounters so laced with their Filipino identity, but who are protectively reticent about sharing experiences in discovering their own spiritual reality.

Finding God is available in the Philippines in National Bookstores and Powerbooks; and online from and Softcover, $19.95. For further information, contact or

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Blair & Robertson, THE PHILIPPINE ISLANDS, 19 VOLUMES features: Blair, Emma Helen; & Robertson, James Alexander. THE PHILIPPINE ISLANDS 19 Volumes . Cacho, 1970s, Reprint of 1907 Edition, hardcover, very good, 2 volumes are facsimiles but bound in red leatherette with red gilt to match the set. 
For the serious Filipiniana collection, we offer this rare 19-volume set of Blair and Robertson's 1907 publication, the 53-volume "The History of the Philippines." Emma Helen Blair and James Alexander Robertson's complete history of the Philippines (originatlly published by Arthur H. Clark Company) is the most comprehensive and includes rare photos, documents, transcripts and other materials which cannot be found in other research books. In 1970, Cacho reprinted (these are facsimiles) Blair and Robertson's edition, compressing the 53 volumes into 19 volumes. Shortly after Cacho reprinted the books, a fire burned the warehouse, and so there are very few Cacho editions left. This is a very rare set to find intact and in great shape.

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LIFE IN OLD PARIAN, by Concepcion Briones - history Cebu features:

Briones, Concepcion G. LIFE IN OLD PARIAN. Kaguiakan 2000, softcover, new, 99 pages.

This book is for the history lovers!

From the Colon section of Parian lived the Gantuangcos, whose descendant, Concepcion Gantuangco-Briones, wrote in 1980 an important first-person account of life in the old Parian district. This book is a reprint of this important autobiography by Concepcion Briones of her life in this old Cebu section. This autobiography of Briones documents life in Old Historic Cebu in a personable and special way. It's an often quoted book. The book is hard to find.